Healthy people,
Healthy workplace.

We collectively integrate employee wellness solutions so your employees can thrive.

Traditionally, employee wellness programs tend to be comprised of various presentations, employee exercise breaks, and literature promoting the importance of not smoking and healthy eating. While these things have their benefits, they not only eat into valuable man hours, but they provide no real data on their efficacy.

That’s where we come in. Forming partnerships with many of the countries leading consumer laboratories has allowed us the ability to test, track, and therefore improve your employees health and wellness.

What we measure

Physical Recovery
Exercise Needs
Food Intolerances
(Heart Rate Variability)
Genetic Requirements
For Optimal Health
Vitamin & Mineral
Our trusted partners
and hundreds more

How it works

After registration, employees will receive their first test
All products will be shipped directly to your place of business
Results of the test will be sent directly to the employee, as well as to us
You and your team will receive weekly emails containing the latest information on what was tested, as well as ways to improve based off test results
Every 4 months, you and your team will receive a new test or measurement tool to provide new insights on  your health

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